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Don’t be completely soured by those downsides, though, because it is a site which is operational and perfectly fits our needs. But if you’re truly and honestly desperate for money, and getting more work isn’t an option, you can always hit the streets the old fashioned way.There are, of curse, many other crowdfunding sites that cater to people looking to raise money for personal reasons. It doesn’t have to be shameful if you don’t want it to be, after all.Begslist is a website on the other side of the spectrum, because it says right in the title what the premise is. It needs to be stated simply– you need a kid, or an attractive friend, or someone who is emotionally impactful to look at.

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Aside from the obvious moral implications, Fundly is a website which is big on updates and progress– something you’ll be having a hard time managing with a fraudulent campaign. Lots and lots of factors come into play when people are considering a charitable act, but more than anything else, it’s just about context. Sadly, your level of need is irrelevant to the potential donors. If you want people to have the maximum impact from your cause, you’re going to want a good “face” for your campaign.

Just don’t forget to check your local ordinance to see what the laws are about public performance / street vendor-ship.

Of course, the best option is to save up the money yourself and avoid going into debt.

The smaller limit on your card is your cash advance limit so check your cardholder agreement first to see if it covers your needs, and be aware that your cash advance APR is likely higher than your card's usual APR.

If you prefer to use your own money to help fund your emergency, consider taking a loan from the money you have invested in your 401(k) or IRA.


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