How To Get Your Teenager To Do Homework

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I do this so he has reason to go to the mail slot every day.

I put his lunch money in the slot so that he has reason to go to it every morning.

Choose an area in your home where your child will study.

Limit distractions during this time such as TV or music with lyrics.

Using this mail slot for my son has helped with getting the assignment out of the door in the morning and with him on the way to school.

Having it visible from several areas of the house, and near enough to his first entry area in the house helps a great deal as well.

We placed it so that it is very close to being the first thing he sees coming in and the last thing he sees going out.

The geometry may be a bit challenging in your house but even if you can’t get ‘optimum placement’ such a central place for him will be very helpful.

With some children, absolute silence is a distraction itself. However, the lyrics in music distract them from what they are doing as they follow and even sing along.

My son and I tried Mozart and other classical music, and some different types of jazz.


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