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This offers a few advantages over quoting: This is not to say that you can’t quote sources in other situations, but most of the document should be your own words.

Whether you quote or paraphrase, though, you still need to give a citation.

Instead of rewriting an entire passage of a paper, it may be possible to cut and paste selected parts, stringing them together in a way that presents the gist of the passage and still sounds natural. This generally proves to be a clumsy and intrusive method in a research paper, which is why paraphrasing is so useful.

In a paraphrased passage, you should still start out by referring to the original author, then summarize the relevant passage of the author’s work in your own words and in your own style.If you already have a chunk of text (for example an essay, article or a single sentence) and you need to paraphrase this text, then .Please note: This content rewriter assumes by default that you do not want to alter Capitalized words since these words are usually proper nouns.For example: According to Smith, many penguins are difficult to interact with emotionally.Penguins often lash out at any life form around them, and their behavior shows evidence of wild mood swings (94-96).When we quote someone, we use their exact words and place them within quotation marks.When we paraphrase something, on the other hand, we try to express the same idea in our own words.If a previous work supports your own there is a temptation to oversell the earlier work, as in the authors “proved” this or that.But scientific experiments cannot prove anything; they can only support a hypothesis or disprove alternatives. The situation is somewhat similar in the use of paraphrases.A good paper stands on its own, and any paraphrased passages should be there only to clarify and support paraphrase or rewrite full length essays and articles or to find new ways to express simple phrases, sentences or single words.


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