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In academics a capstone plays the same role: the final opportunity to order the knowledge and test yourself for all gained experience.That’s why, your main task is to show the most and the best of your skills and abilities.The complexity of the capstone project is that it covers all the knowledge, which you have gained during the whole time of studying.

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As you refreshed the material in your head, you have an approximate idea of what to write about, so make a plan draft.

Reading through the literature before actually proceed to writing will help you outline the target points of work and clarify what materials you lack.

In the final year of most graduate programs, a student has to undertake a capstone project. Just from the time allocated to the project; you can tell that this is an essential stage of your learning process.

Most capstone projects can be put in either of the two categories; design or research oriented.

Your choice of a capstone topic will determine whether you complete the project in time or not.

If it’s interesting, you’ll be able to keep going even when you lack the motivation to.

Continuing with architecture references, the thesis is a foundation, the base, on the top of which you are going to build the whole project.

If you don’t want a capstone turn into stumbling block, work on a plane.

Before you proceed, it is important to identify the requirements for the project. Discuss all the necessary details, such as the deadline, the working schedule, the type of notification (e-mail, in person, etc) and share your ideas for the topic.

Do not hesitate to ask questions – your mentor is the “foreman” for your arch. Sometimes professors give you a list of topics, but you can also come up with your own topic.


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