Image Processing Thesis 2014

Image Processing Thesis 2014-87
Biometric systems developed so far are limited in their ability of comparing biometric data originated by different sensors because they operate under the assumption that the data to be compared are obtained using the same sensor.

In 2014, she was in the Organizing Committee of the Mobile Iris Challenge Evaluation - Part I (MICHE I). Galdi was part of the Program Committee of the 2nd International Workshop “Insight on Eye Biometrics” held in November 23-27 2015, in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2018, Chiara Galdi was one of the organizers of the BTAS 2018 Special Session on Recent Advances in Biometric Technology for Mobile Devices (RABTMD 2018).

Hu's seven-moment algorithm is applied to acquire edge characteristics.

Red, green, blue, hue, and saturation characteristics are derived from histograms.

gender and age classification, makeup detection), but also in the domain of image forensics, including source digital camera identification.

She has authored and co-authored 17 publications in journals and conference proceedings, and 1 book chapter on “Automatic Face Image Tagging in Large Collections”.Performance improvement would come from richer stimuli including ...Iris recognition on mobile devices is a challenging task; performing acquisition via the embedded sensors can introduce the sensor interoperability problem.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. Vision is a very natural capability and it is commonly accepted that about 80% of what we perceive is vision-based.Vision's highly intuitive nature makes it difficult for us to understand the myriad of problems associated with designing AVS, in contrast to sophisticated analytic tasks such as playing chess.She has been awarded with the Ph D Thesis Award 2015-2016 assigned by the IEEE Italy Section Biometrics Council Chapter.In September 2016, she obtained the European Biometrics Industry Award for her work titled “Combining lris and Sensor Recognition on Mobile Phones”.Chiara Galdi received her joint supervision Ph D from the University of Salerno and from Telecom Paris Tech in 2016.Her thesis work on Signal and Image processing was undertaken at University of Salerno between 20 (18 months) and at EURECOM in Sophia Antipolis between 20 (18 months). Her current work focuses in the domain of biometrics, in particular on biometric recognition on mobile devices, noisy iris recognition, multi-biometric and multi-modal authentication systems, gaze analysis, and soft biometrics (e.g.


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