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If a rabbit suddenly appears in front of you, you will look for a cause.

If a rabbit suddenly appears in front of you, you will look for a cause.

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To say that there even is such a thing as “cause and effect” is no different in principle from saying that there is such a thing as change.

When we attempt to understand the causal relationship between two things, we are attempting to understand why a certain change occurred and what agent was responsible for affecting the change. An agent is simply a thing which has the power to effect change.

It may be a person, but it also may be an event, or a certain condition or set of circumstances.

The idea of an agent having the power or capacity to effect a particular change brings us to the principle of causation.

For example, where there are trees there are usually birds, but trees do not cause birds.

Or to give another example, a felon very probably drank milk as a child, but milk drinking does not cause criminal behavior.Great cause and effect essays establish causality between two things by having a strong thesis statement and then backing it up with logical reasoning (such as deductive reasoning).Writing great cause and effect essays also means avoiding biases or fallacies.The first horn of the principle of causation states that if something came into existence, it was caused to do so.In other words—things don’t “just happen.”This is not to say that we will always know the cause of a certain effect, only to say that there is one.The principle of causation, or the principle of causality, can be summed up as a principle of reasoning which states that a) things that come into existence have a cause and b) that the efficient cause (i.e.the agent bringing about the effect) of an effect must have the power or capacity to cause the effect.This principle is common to ordinary reasoning and everyday experience.We might know, for instance, that trees do not have the power of locomotion.The article will address the following areas: By the end of this guide from Ultius, you should feel confident when it comes to the cause and effect essay and that you will be accustomed this kind of writing if or when it is assigned to you.The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to demonstrate that a particular effect follows from a particular cause.


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