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Interest In Medicine Essay-12
Choose an occasion where you took a leadership role. Consider prior job experience, work in extracurricular groups, or other endeavors in sports or music as stated in the prompt.Show that you were an effective leader, but also that you were humble and willing to adapt and work with people whose opinions differed from your own.

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If choosing a new topic, do some online research to understand the basis of knowledge and current medical practice regarding that medical issue so that you are able to answer intelligently.

The complexity of healthcare delivery increasingly requires interdisciplinary teamwork.

As much as any other field, medicine requires teamwork.

Each day physicians collaborate with nurses, with allied medical professionals such as pharmacists and physicians’ assistants, and most of all with their patients.

These are the secondary application essay prompts for University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

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That would be ideal, as you likely already have the necessary basis of knowledge and can make the answer more personal.

Make sure you do not repeat prior content from the primary application.

Be sure to describe what you learned from the experience and the skills you gained.

Also make sure this does not repeat what was stated in the primary application.


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