Introduce A New Product Essay

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The team must be confident that the product will generate sufficient revenue to cover development and production costs and turn a profit.

Product characteristics vary with the change in the domain of concern under study. In recent studies, managers classified "producing to high quality standards" as a prime concern (G. Despite that, the aca­demic literature on the quality of products has not been re­viewed widely.

Product quality is swiftly becoming a major competitive issue these days and emerging as a prime consideration in terms of evaluating product characteristics. Scholars scattered into four disciplines — economics, marketing, phi­losophy, and opera­tions management —considered this phenomenon, but each cluster has viewed it from an antithetic point.

You should also carry out an internal review to ensure that the project continues to meet its business, technical and financial objectives.

If the review highlights serious shortcomings, you must make changes or stop the project before committing further resources.


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