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If time is sufficient, consult your lecturer for further clarification.It might be so unfortunate to discover later that you didn’t understand the topic/assignment and, therefore, fail to perform that your educator requires.See if the assignment paper has words that limit you or if it is an open-ended question.

If time is sufficient, consult your lecturer for further clarification.It might be so unfortunate to discover later that you didn’t understand the topic/assignment and, therefore, fail to perform that your educator requires.

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Let’s consider 2 main types of assignment writing – an essay and research paper.

If we speak about an essay assignment, you are supposed to include the introduction, main body, and the conclusion.

Specify your opinion concerning the main essay idea. Specific word choice sharpens and clarifies your thesis statement.

Be careful when coming up with a thesis statement as a wrong thesis statement is a recipe for failure.

After that, they write the first sentence, and then delete it because they don’t like how it sounds.

Then, they sit staring at a blank piece of paper without knowing what should come first in an essay or research paper. The problem with that is that you focus more on completing the assignment within the set timeframe and pay no attention to the stages of your writing: According to the Writing Assignment Framework and Overview by the National Writing Project, a writing assignment is a writing task for students that can involve: Before you can even write anything, you must understand the topic question.Below, you’ll see some of them so that you could avoid them in your writing.Moreover, there are ways of writing a good introduction.Eventually, you’ll manage to write your own assignment quickly and easily.In the estimation of many students, the hardest part of writing any assignment is starting it.College is all fun until students start getting assignments – a lot of complex assignments.Most students struggle with their homework and, sometimes, this costs them dearly in getting the overall grade for a term. You are welcome to the academic world where you can say, “My name is …, and I’m an underachieving student too”.The structure of the main part should be: If you want to heave a sigh of relief when it comes to writing a conclusion, you will go wrong.Despite that this is the final paragraph of your assignment, it is not less important to formulate all of your essay’s main points once again.These words will give you a clear picture of what the examiner expects of you.If there is any word used that you don’t understand, take an initiative and find out what it means.


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