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It is the result of a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios.Kingdom Hearts is a crossover of various Disney settings based in a universe made specifically for the series.During the first game, Riku is revealed to be the rightful owner of Sora's Keyblade, which is bequeathed onto the five-year-old Riku by Terra during the events of Birth by Sleep; however, his reliance on the power of darkness causes the Keyblade to reject Riku in favor of Sora.

When his world is beset by creatures of darkness known as the Heartless, Sora comes into possession of a weapon of light called the Keyblade, Originally appearing as a non-playable character in the original game, where he is introduced as 15 years old, he has a playable role in the "Reverse/Rebirth" story mode of Chain of Memories, the multiplayer mode of 358/2 Days, and the core story of Dream Drop Distance.

He is also a computer-controlled party member exclusive to the final level of Kingdom Hearts II, and is temporarily playable during a sequence where Sora is incapacitated in the game's final boss battle.

He is also revealed to be a defector from Organization XIII, serving as the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in which revolves around his circumstances as a Keyblade user in Xemnas's plan leading to his defection.

While he merged back into Sora's body, Roxas becomes a separate being in a Replica body created in Kingdom Hearts III.

In Chain of Memories, Di Z helps Riku escape from the dark realm.

Initially rejecting his darkness out of guilt for his betrayal, Riku resolves to wield both powers of light and darkness to battle Ansem, whose essence lingers in his heart.Throughout the development of the games, Nomura has often left certain events and connections between characters unexplained until the release of future games.Nomura did this because he feels that games should have room for fans to speculate and use their imagination.A piece of promotional artwork for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix that showcases the main characters of the series up to Kingdom Hearts II; Sora appears twice in the center in two different outfits with his design from Kingdom Hearts II next to Roxas (left) and his original design next to Riku (right), with the members of Organization XIII at the bottom.Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games developed and published by Square Enix (formerly Square).Comments have focused on the accurate presentation of Disney characters, the unique visual style of Square Enix characters, how well all the characters blend together, and the consistent quality performances from voice actors.The Kingdom Hearts series is directed by Tetsuya Nomura, the character designer of the games.Riku is promoted to Keyblade Master after venturing into Sora's dreams twice in the form of a Dream Eater to protect him from Xehanort.He subsequently embarks with Mickey in A Fragmentary Passage to rescue Aqua from the realm of darkness.Various types of merchandise modeled after the characters' likeness have been produced, including figurines and jewelry.The characters have garnered praise from several video game websites and magazines for the quality of their voice acting and visual style.


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