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[tags: internet, open internet act] - The Battle for Net Neutrality Last January 14, 2014, a Washington D. court ruled out the Federal Communications Commission’s regulation on Open Internet or more popularly known as net neutrality.The decision on the case sparked debate between those fighting for net neutrality and the companies who want to take advantage of the internet’s popularity.There is hardly a library left that does not feature a quiet chorus of clicking keyboards from the laptops within.

Information has become the target of many large multi-million dollar companies and government institutions.

It is an alarming revelation that companies and institutions have access to personal information with the sole intention to maximize financial gain or what the government feels is “security”....

[tags: Network, Neutrality, Internet] - The provision of humanitarian aid has become an increasingly contentious and complicated issue.

A contributing factor has been the expanding numbers of humanitarian actors (Marriage, 2008: 2) and consequentially greater competition for funding and operational field space.

[tags: piracy, privacy, internet] - Understanding Two Conflicting Theoretical Interpretations of Net Neutrality Cyberspace is generating a new sense of urgency for protection and privacy of individuals’ personal information.

Anonymity is decreasing while security is increasing in a society that is so heavily connected to the World Wide Web.

Governmental and inter-governmental agencies have blurred the lines of pure humanitarianism by integrating these activities with their own state’s military and political objectives (Rigby, 2001).

This is further exacerbated in contexts of conflict....

[tags: humanitarian aid, neutrality, international help] - The Internet is by far the most fascinating invention ever to me.

Its ability to contain access to the infinite knowledge of nearly everything in digital format is beyond my comprehension.


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