Love And Hate Essays

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Shakespeare’s use of language is very deliberate to highlight the emotions and relationships between the characters.

When Romeo and Juliet are together biblical, heavenly images are conjured up.

Kureishi is clearly a man fascinated by contradictions and contrasts – between parent and child, youth and age, east and west – and intersperses each tale with reflections on the importance of the imagination and on the need for writers to embrace “wild implausibility, boldness and brilliance”.

Perhaps most remarkable is the final piece of reportage, about the con man who stole Kureishi’s life savings.

This is shown through language and actions of the characters, and also by the layout and setting of the play itself.

For instance the love between Romeo and Juliet is contradicted by the hate between the two families, Montague and Capulet.Ultimately this involves the audience and allows them to sympathise with Romeo and Juliet.Shakespeare also brings the two families together at the ball to display that what should be a joyous occasion is ruined by the feud.His admission that he came to believe in the man who stole from him, with a faith akin to love, is as brave and honest as any in literature.The Themes of Love and Hate in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet During Romeo and Juliet love is juxtaposed constantly with hate." That question was answered by the silence in the bathroom.As I get out the tub, I wiped away the pain and the people.Shakespeare expresses this to show love can bring happiness (when requited) but can also bring hurt, pain and misery (unrequited).This highlights that there is no clear division as both can generate the same emotions.Love and hate, and the complex relationship between the two, is the theme of this unusual and thought-provoking collection of stories and essays.A businessman, trapped on a plane that can never land, watches as order breaks down around him; a divorcing husband and wife race each other around the streets near their London home; and a Pakistani mother who lives in Paris returns home to try to rescue her son.


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