Marketing Research Applications And Case Studies

(2003), "Validity and reliability tests in case study research: a literature review with “hands‐on” applications for each research phase", Qualitative Market Research, Vol. Download as .

The best way for organizations to look at the potential of Io T deployments to succeed in their digital transformation efforts, optimize their efficiency and better serve their customers is by understanding the business rationale behind Internet of Things examples and real cases in practice.

Add to that the several Io T use cases , an understanding of the essence of the Internet of Things and its applications, a good mix of common business sense, sound advice, and lessons from success stories, and the Internet of Things becomes tangible instead of just a term and set of technologies.

Product research is a large and very diversified group of consumer studies.

Solutions applied within that group differ both in terms of the subject of research as well as used research methods.

It plays a huge role at the stage of concept development and market launch – allowing one to minimize the risks associated with misguided ideas.

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Yet, that research is of significant importance also at the stage of sale decrease – at that point it may become an important source of inspiration on how to prolong the product’s life.The customer is one and has similar expectations, regardless of industry.Business challenges and opportunities are more diverse but still: there is always something to be learned.It makes it possible to get more familiar and better understand the needs of: This type of research constitutes a valuable source of information about the possibility of boosting the value of a specific product in the eyes of a particular customer group.Conclusions from such research often determine the success or failure of a given offer available on the market.Good and effective Internet of Things examples start with challenges and/or end goals in mind.While looking at the ways to achieve these end goals, new opportunities often arise.Its value has been proven, among other things, by one of the projects conducted by PMR for a producer of medical equipment.Creative sessions conducted together with medical personnel helped to obtain detailed information, e.g.Yet, what they all have in common is providing support in taking business decisions concerning the offer design and development.Product research allows one to collect credible information concerning consumer preferences with regard to proposed offer.


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