Mastering Astronomy Homework Answers

After you have registered your account (free for 2 weeks) or logged in to an existing account, at the bottom of the page it says "Get temporary access". After your initial setup, to access Mastering, please see this link (do NOT do a Google search--it will take you to an old version). Lectures will consist primarily of information based on the readings.In-class activities (1-2 per lecture) during the lecture will be part of your participation grade (and will count 5% of your final grade).

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Homework will be given each week on the Mastering Astronomy site (course ID: "richards61095").

The Homework should be done completely on your own as it is meant to prepare you for the Quizzes (and Final Exam).

The nature of this course means that changes to its parameters may need to be made during the quarter.

In the case of such events, students will be notified by the instructor through their official Drexel e-mail.

I won't distinguish between good reasons for missing a quiz and bad ones.

Just make sure that you miss (or fail to prepare for) only one. Drexel's policies on Academic Integrity and Course Dropping apply to this course.

Access is free for the first 14 days, so don't worry if you aren't sure whether or not you are going to stay in the class.

As with purchasing the e Text, you will follow these instructions. We will meet for lecture twice a week for 1 1/2 hours.

Homework will be available online from Thursday afternoon until the start of class on Tuesdays. A (comprehensive) final exam will be given during a time/date to be decided during the exam week. questions with a few short answer and drawing problems.

For the multiple choice and T/F part, your score will be the average of your own score and that of your group. Students are responsible to monitoring their progress using the online gradebook in Drexel Learn (and not in Mastering Astronomy).


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