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Community-based care means that the large majority of patients requiring mental health care should have the possibility of being treated at community level.

Mental health care should not only be local and accessible, but should also be able to address the multiple needs of individuals.

For example, they may focus on price yet be unaware that a higher priced item carries a better warranty. Do all non-experts make the same mistake solving problems ? Despite the very large differences in these domains, the journey from novice (beginner) to expert (highly successful professionals) are surprisingly similar, as are the kinds of mistakes beginners make.

Because the salesperson has taken the time to impress upon the customer that their needs and wants matter, a relationship of trust is established that makes it easier for the salesperson to introduce these relevant features without putting the customer off. Because of the way expert knowledge is organized, experts solve problems by working forward from the information given (or information obtained) to arrive at a viable solution. Denise Cummins is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, and the author of How does an expert solve a problem. As I point out in the article, the single biggest mistake novices (and poor problem-solvers, regardless of experience) make is failing to devote enough time and attention to developing a full understanding of the problem situation.

For example, a novice salesperson will focus on the general goal of “make the sale”, and will apply sales techniques in willy-nilly or fixed fashion to reach that goal.

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An experienced salesperson will focus on the specific goal of understanding what the customer needs and wants, and in developing a trust relationship with the customer. If you’ve ever done a Google search, you know that the quality of the search results depends entirely on the quality of the keywords you use. This in a nutshell, is the key to developing a strong understanding of a problem—asking the right questions.

How do you make enough money to save for retirement, how do you avoid war, or how do you get that girl or guy to go out with you?

These are all ill-defined problems because they don’t have clear goal states (how much is “enough” for retirement? Regardless of the domain, inexperienced problem-solvers tend to jump right to the solution stage of problem solving, with typically disastrous consequences.

It should ultimately aim at empowerment and use efficient treatment techniques which enable people with mental disorders to enhance their self-help skills, incorporating the informal family social environment as well as formal support mechanisms.

Community-based care (unlike hospital-based care) is able to identify resources and create healthy alliances that would otherwise remain hidden and inactivated.


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