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This list of the 10 best deals on online master of fine arts in creative writing degrees will be a great help in finding an accredited, respected college or university that will also suit your budget.In the following guide, you will find more information about how to use your master of fine arts in creative writing degree as well as the variety of positions that are available to you after graduation.While earning an online master of fine arts degree in creative writing, you will be able to complete requirements and still meet your daily obligations.

Many educational institutions offer decreased tuition for online classes.

A not insignificant bonus is that by taking classes online you will not incur expenses for gas or parking.

If you have been in the workforce for a while, you may be cautious about going back to school for an advanced degree.

Responsibilities at work and at home may cause you to wonder if you will be able to manage all of those, in addition to attending a college or university, but you are exactly the kind of student the online master’s programs were created for.

The following figures are for the year 2016 and in the following fields: Creative director–$89,760 (median salary) Advertising copywriter–ranges from $31,000 to $68,000 Editorial assistant–$58,770 (median salary) Web content manager–$66,094 (national average)Other positions obtainable with the advanced degree in creative writing include arts administrator, journalist, digital copywriter, public relations officer, social media manager, film director, academic librarian, and information officer.

In regard to the jobs outlook, the projected employment increase for advertising copywriters is 9%, and for web content managers, it is 27%, both figures projected for the decade from 2014-2024.Factors in specific salary offers for any position may depend on the region of employment, demand for the particular specialty of the degree, prior experience, and the personal network system of the applicant.Why should I study online instead of in a traditional face-to-face college?FAQs: Why earn a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing?Students earning an advanced degree in creative writing will realize opportunities for greater financial rewards. With a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, you can find employment in a variety of workplaces, including general businesses, advertising, publishing, educational institutions, government agencies, libraries, marketing, media organizations, and public relations departments. Not only will you enhance your skills, but more job opportunities will be available to you.A timeline of two to five years for completion is typical for MFA programs.What jobs are available for degree holders, what are some salaries, and what is the job outlook for professions requiring a master of fine arts in creative writing?Graduate level creative writers may find employment as editors, professors, published authors, managers of web content, creative directors, and technical writers.They may oversee creative aspects of a business or government agency. Coursework for a master of fine arts in creative writing will vary from one university to another, but in general students may expect to study, critique, and create the different types of writing, such as fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, as well as literary sub-headings including young adult, popular fiction, environment writing, and screenwriting.


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