Microfinance Dissertation

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This study sought the contribution of microfinance institutions on women empowerment.It addressed specifically the analysis of the role of microfinance institutions on women empowerment and their family life in nyaruguru District, especially in Kibeho, Muganza, Ngera, Cyahinda, Rusenge, Nyagisozi and Ngoma Sectors and it investigated to identify various determinants of women empowerment in Nyaruguru district.

They do this primarily by extending small loans without the strict requirements of traditional lenders.

Recipients are usually the poor and "unbanked," but they also include people who are not poor but who lack the credit standing to borrow money to start or grow a business, most of these populations includes women.

Special dedication to my Father, siblings, aunt, cousin and friends for their unprecedented support through my life, and to all friends for their devotion and courage that have led to the completion of my studies and this research.

I, Albert RUTAYISIRE hereby declare that the study on «Contribution of microfinance institutions on women empowerment».

It is not possible to thank all of you in person, as this may not be sufficient or exhaustive in coverage, extent and depth.

Microfinance Dissertation

However, special thanks go to my fellow friends who have been together with me during my studies, and who managed to provide any kind of support during this period. Albert RUTAYISIRE In the world a men dominated society, women have always been underestimated and discriminated in all domains of life be it their family and social life or their economic and political life.My special thanks go to my father, my aunt, cousin and to my siblings for their moral and financial support along my education. My sincere gratitude goes to who kindly accepted to supervise me and for his enrichment advices regardless of his duties.I also desire to express and proof my sincere appreciation to the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Education in general, and especially to the teaching staff in the department of Business studies, for the huge support accorded to me during my courses.This was evidenced through material and moral support settled to me.I would like to thank all those who contributed in one or more way to the achievement of my study.The researcher suggested that Microfinance institutions should try to extend more credit facilities to clients to expand their businesses.It was also suggested that MFIs should raise-up the loan amount for supporting the business of their target group.The Government should provide some fund and subsidies to MFIs in order to help MFIs delivering financial services at low price.Abbreviations and Accronyms PIASS: Protestant institute of arts and social sciences MFIs: Microfinance institutions VFC: vision finance company Ltd: Limited SMEs: small and medium enterprises FAO: Food and agriculture organization of the United Nation UN: united Nations SEWA: Self Employed Women's Association WWF: Working Women's Forum ILO: International Labor Organization SACCOs: Savings and Credit Cooperatives EDPRS 2: Second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy EICV: Enquête Intégrale sur les Conditions de Vie des Ménages (Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey) MDG: Millennium Development Goals NISR: National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda RPHC4: Fourth Rwanda Population and Housing Census (2012) VUP: Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme NGOs: Non-Government Organizations VFC Ltd: Vision Finance Company Limited CGAP: Certified Government Auditing Professional Vol.: Volume SHG: self help group CIDA: Canadian International Development Agency RMF: Rwanda Microfinance Forum MIGEPROF: Ministry of Gender and Women Promotion NGO: Non-government organization UNFPA: United Nations Population Fund UNIFEM: United Nations Development Fund for Women 1 TABLE 1: RESPONDENTS NUMBERS IN THE SECTORS 1 TABLE2.IDENTIFICATION OF RESPONDENTS 1 TABLE3: MAJOR CAUSES OF POVERTY AMONG WOMEN ACCORDING THE RESPONDENTS 1 TABLE4: NUMBER OF RESPONDENT WHO RECEIVED ANY LOAN FROM VFC LTD 1 TABLE5: NUMBER OF LOAN CYCLES FROM VFC LTD 1 TABLE 6: THE USE OF LOAN FROM VFC LTD 1 TABLE7: VIEWS ON EMPOWERMENT OF THE RESPONDENT AFTER GETTING LOAN FROM VFC LTD 1 TABLE 8: AFTER RECEIVING THE LOAN FROM VFC THEIR INCOME AND SAVING CULTURE HAVE BEEN INCREASED 1 TABLE 9: MANAGEMENT SKILLS HAVE BEEN INCREASED AFTER ACQUIRING THE LOAN FROM VFC LTD AND CARRYING OUT THEIR BUSINESS 1 TABLE10: WOMEN USE SAVINGS AND CREDIT IN ECONOMIC ACTIVITY FOR THEIR EMPOWERMENT 1 TABLE 11: WOMEN ECONOMICALLY-DEVELOPED CHANGE GENDER ROLE AND STATUS WITHIN HOUSEHOLD AND COMMUNITY 1 TABLE 12: MICROCREDIT PROVIDED BY VISION FINANCE COMPANY LTD MFI IS ENOUGH TO WOMEN EMPOWERING 1 TABLE 13: WOMEN APPRECIATE THE SHORT-TERM LOAN FROM VFC LTD FOR THEIR EMPOWERMENT PURPOSE 1 TABLE 14: WOMEN MAY BE ECONOMICALLY SELF-SUFFICIENCY DUE TO MICROCREDIT WITHOUT THE MEN SUPPORT 1 TABLE 15: SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHICS VARIABLES SUCH AS EDUCATION LEVEL, AGE, MARITAL AND PROFESSIONAL STATUS LEAD TO SUCCESS OF MICROCREDIT IN WOMEN EMPOWERMENT 1 TABLE 16: BUSINESS HELD BY WOMEN IS COMPETITIVE WITH OTHERS 1 TABLE 17: MICROCREDIT OFFERED TO WOMEN IMPROVES THE FAMILY STANDING 1 TABLE 18: WOMEN EMPOWERMENT INVOLVES THE FAMILY AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 1 TABLE 19: FAMILY ECONOMY MAY BE BASED ON THE WOMEN EMPOWERMENT DUE TO SAVINGS AND CREDIT THROUGH MICROFINANCE 1 FIGURE 1.CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK 1 LIST OF APPENDICES COVER LETTER TO RESPONDENTS I QUESTIONNAIRE ( ENGLISH VERSION) I INTERVIEW QUESTIONS I IBIBAZO BY'UBUSHAKASHATSI( IGICE CY'IKINYARWANDA) I Since 2000, Rwanda has made tremendous progress in achieving a number of development objectives including building strong institutions, maintaining macroeconomic stability, and decreasing poverty through increasing access to basic services.


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