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It was adapted from problem-solving therapy, which is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral approach that has shown effectiveness with treating depression and managing suicide risk.

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The military has always been a huge advocate of games for learning.

They deal with life and death and are serious about training and have found that games make an impact on learners.

Clinical (e.g., psychologists) and non-clinical (e.g., chaplains) providers attended a 2.5-day workshop of didactic coursework and experiential training on conducting PST, with a subset of providers selected to attend an additional workshop to become master trainers in PST.

Providers ( = 82) who attended a PST Facilitator Workshop completed pre- and post-workshop assessments of self-efficacy in PST skills.

You start at the top of the diagram, with the most general problem (which for business is basically inadequate returns: not making enough money on our investment) and then work your way down the tree until you find the specific problem that is most relevant to your audience.

Is the problem with investment levels, or profit levels?

I think the military proves both of those arguments are spurious.

A new wrinkle for the military is to use games to solve military problems or to gain insights into how to solve hostile situations.

They do war games with actual units and soldiers, they use game techniques to conduct briefings.

In short the military “knows games.” That is why I always chuckle to myself when some executive or manager voices a concerns that 1) games aren’t serious enough for “real learning” 2) and that games don’t work for learning.


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