Mobile Internet Dissertation

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He PDF Innovative Algorithms and Evaluation Methods for Biological Motif Finding, Wooyoung Kim PDF Algorithms for Transcriptome Quantification and Reconstruction from RNA-Seq Data, Serghei Mangul PDF Shadow Price Guided Genetic Algorithms, Gang Shen PDF DI-SEC: Distributed Security Framework for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks, Marco Valero PDF Resource Management in Survivable Multi-Granular Optical Networks, yang wang PDF Inferring Genomic Sequences, Irina A.Ethan Katz-Bassett Systems for Improving Internet Availability and Performance.2011 Seth Cooper, A Framework for Scientic Discovery through Video Games..Roxana Geambasu, Regaining Control over Cloud and Mobile Data.2009Prasad Raghavendra, Approximating NP-hard Problems--Efficient Algorithms and Their Limits.Mc Daniel PDF Machine Learning Methods for Finding Textual Features of Depression from Publications, Zhibo Wang PDF SEQUENTIAL MONTE CARLO BASED DATA ASSIMILATION FRAMEWORK AND TOOLKIT FOR DYNAMIC SYSTEM SIMULATIONS, Peisheng Wu PDF New data analytics and visualization methods in personal data mining, cancer data analysis and sports data visualization, Lei Zhang PDF Distributed Graph Storage And Querying System, Janani Balaji PDF Building Robust Distributed Infrastructure Networks, Brendan Benshoof PDF Computational Methods for Sequencing and Analysis of Heterogeneous RNA Populations, Olga Glebova PDF TEXT AND SPATIAL-TEMPORAL DATA VISUALIZATION, Xi He PDF DECENTRALIZED CONVEX OPTIMIZATION FOR WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS, Goutham Kamath PDF Content Dissemination in Mobile Social Networks, Chenguang Kong PDF Multi Domain Semantic Information Retrieval Based on Topic Model, Sanghoon Lee PDF Data Dissemination And Information Diffusion In Social Networks, Guoliang Liu PDF Data Assimilation for Spatial Temporal Simulations Using Localized Particle Filtering, Yuan Long PDF Privacy Preserving Data Mining For Horizontally Distributed Medical Data Analysis, Yunmei Lu PDF BUILDING OCCUPANCY SIMULATION AND DATA ASSIMILATION USING A GRAPH BASED AGENT ORIENTED MODEL, Sanish Rai PDF Towards a Framework for DHT Distributed Computing, Andrew Rosen PDF Real-time In-situ Seismic Tomography in Sensor Network, Lei Shi PDF On Cyber-Physical Security of Smart Grid: Data Integrity Attacks and Experiment Platform, Song Tan PDF Methods for Differential Analysis of Gene Expression and Metabolic Pathway Activity, Yvette Charly B.Temate Tiagueu PDF Modern Computing Techniques for Solving Genomic Problems, Ning Yu PDF In-situ Data Analytics In Cyber-Physical Systems, Liang Zhao PDF Searching Genome-wide Disease Association Through SNP Data, Xuan Guo PDF Towards a Virtualized Next Generation Internet, Qian Hu PDF Enhanching Security in the Future Cyber Physical Systems, Kebina Manandhar PDF Efficient Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for GIS Polygon Overlay Processing, Satish Puri PDF Management of Spectral Resources in Elastic Optical Networks, Sunny Shakya PDF Data Aggregation Scheduling in Wireless Networks, Mingyuan Yan PDF Dynamic Ensemble Selection with Regional Expertise, Yun Zhu PDF Distributed Particle Filters for Data Assimilation in Simulation of Large Scale Spatial Temporal Systems, Fan Bai PDF Optimization Techniques For Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis, Adrian Caciula PDF Activity-Aware Sensor Networks for Smart Environments, Debraj De PDF Ontology-based Search Algorithms over Large-Scale Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks, Rasanjalee Dissanayaka Mudiyanselage PDF Integrating Fuzzy Decisioning Models With Relational Database Constructs, Erin-Elizabeth A.I am a research assistant professor at the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I am broadly interested in machine learning and programming languages research. at Stanford advised by Alex Aiken, and spent a year as a postdoc at MIT working with Armando Solar-Lezama. Verifiable Reinforcement Learning via Policy Extraction. PDF Enterprise Data Mining & Machine Learning Framework on Cloud Computing for Investment Platforms, Narasimharao V.Casturi PDF Collaborative Edge Computing in Mobile Internet of Things, Ravishankar Chamarajnagar PDF Multicast Aware Virtual Network Embedding in Software Defined Networks, Evrim Guler PDF Game Theory Based Privacy Protection for Context-Aware Services, Yan Huang PDF TOWARDS AI-ASSISTED DISEASE DIAGNOSIS: LEARNING DEEP FEATURE REPRESENTATIONS FOR MEDICAL IMAGE ANALYSIS, Jyoti Islam PDF High Performance Frequent Subgraph Mining on Transactional Datasets, Bismita Jena PDF Animating Predator and Prey Fish Interactions, Sahithi Podila PDF A Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Framework For Ill-Structured Spatial Join Processing, Danial Aghajarian PDF Incentive Mechanism Design in Mobile Crowdsensing Systems, Zhuojun Duan PDF Privacy Preserving Data Publishing, Zaobo He PDF Service Function Graph Design And Embedding In Next Generation Internet, Maryamsadat Jalalitabar PDF Sparse Coding for Event Tracking and Image Retrieval, Dustin J. Learning Interpretable Models with Causal Guarantees. Poly Droid: Learning-Driven Specialization of Mobile Applications. [ar Xiv] Osbert Bastani, Carolyn Kim, Hamsa Bastani. Eventually Sound Points-To Analysis with Missing Code. [paper] [extended] [ar Xiv] Osbert Bastani, Yewen Pu, Armando Solar-Lezama. [paper] [ar Xiv] [presentation] [poster] [code] Osbert Bastani, Rahul Sharma, Alex Aiken, Percy Liang. [ar Xiv] Brian Heath, Neelay Velingker, Osbert Bastani, Mayur Naik. [ar Xiv] Osbert Bastani, Xin Zhang, Armando Solar-Lezama. Relational Verification using Reinforcement Learning. REINAM: Reinforcement Learning for Input-Grammar Inference. Learning Safe Unlabeled Multi-Robot Planning with Motion Constraints. Polytopic Trees for Verification of Learning-Based Controllers. [paper] Osbert Bastani, Rahul Sharma, Lazaro Clapp, Saswat Anand, Alex Aiken. [paper] [extended] [ar Xiv] [presentation] [code] Yu Feng, Ruben Martins, Osbert Bastani, Isil Dillig.


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