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Allie’s mother forbids the relationship and takes Allie away to New York, where a few years later she gets engaged to Lon, an educated rich man.

Allie’s mother forbids the relationship and takes Allie away to New York, where a few years later she gets engaged to Lon, an educated rich man.Before the wedding she reads a newspaper and sees Noah in front of a house he once promised her to restore.

As technology continues to evolve so too will film genres.

Genres, while having some shared characteristics, also differ in terms of stylistic devices used.

In scenes of happy moments she smiles and laughs sincerely, like when she listens to Noah (Ryan Gosling) sitting next to her.

Ryan Gosling also demonstrated his acting talents in the movie.

The white color of the house represents purity of Noah’s love and his devotion to Allie, and the clear sky symbolizes peace.

However, in those scenes where they part or have quarrels, colors are darker and vague.Warm and pastel colors predominate in ”The Notebook”.The creators intended to reinforce the theme also by means of colors.Also, the house which Noah buys and fixes up is a prominent setting.Why does Noah decide to buy the house and set it up? Allie Calhoun (nee Nelson) is the female protagonist of the story and the wife of Noah Calhoun.Actors in “The Notebook” fit their roles very well and they perform plausibly.Ryan Gosling (Noah) suits his role of a young, careless lad and Rachel Mc Adams (Allie) is perfect for the role of an educated cheerful beauty.Film makers use them in different ways for different purposes.For instance, each genre demands a particular type of performance: in comedies the performance should be exaggerated, while in dramas it has to be very realistic.She goes there and soon they find they still love each other. The movie ends as Allie realizes that the story Noah has been reading to her is in fact the story of their romance. To make their creations unique film crews use different techniques.Techniques vary from setting to point of view, and also include editing, color, sound, costume, camera angle, actors’ play and others.


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