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Walk around, notebook in hand, and see what memories surface.You can also use questions or writing prompts, like the #52stories project, to trigger memories and stories.It’s hard to summon stories on demand; our memories just don’t work that way.

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Return to top Not sure where to start with your personal or family history?

Start by making a list of stories you want to write down eventually. Think about the anecdotes you find yourself telling over and over—like that disaster you narrowly avoided, that crazy coincidence, that one time you ran into a famous person.

As you write your stories down, you can add whatever structure to your memories you want. (Yes, I really do have a story about cheese.) Photos, keepsakes, clothing, and other objects can be wonderful memory triggers.

Look through photo albums at relatives’ homes and see what stories come to mind. Plan a visit to a neighborhood or city where you once lived.

Let these simple tips inspire you to put pen to paper. Rowling couldn’t tell your stories better than you can.

No one is more qualified to tell your family’s story than you are. One of the reasons my cousin’s words came so alive for me is because her family members are all great verbal storytellers.

If you’re inspired to keep going, you’ll have a great framework for writing a thorough personal history.

Add as many relevant details as you can when sharing a memory.

I’m so grateful to all of my cousins and aunts for contributing their perspectives, despite any writing insecurity they might have felt.

Now we have a well-rounded picture of this man we all loved, from those who knew him as a young father and those who knew him as an aging grandfather, from those who saw him daily and those who visited a few times a year. Typing is so much easier.” Let me just ask you this: Have you ever encountered a recipe written in your grandmother’s hand and thought anything other than, “Wow, I miss her.” Your handwriting is unique to you.


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