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And while a change in political power spared Microsoft from that fate, Gates was decisively humbled and his de facto monopoly over all of computing would slowly start to fade away.

And while a change in political power spared Microsoft from that fate, Gates was decisively humbled and his de facto monopoly over all of computing would slowly start to fade away.

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The mainstream media (what’s left of it) quickly fingered fake news as the monstrous crime that gave us a fake president—and Facebook as the getaway car.

Zuckerberg famously dismissed this idea, telling Kirkpatrick right after the election that “the idea that fake news on Facebook—of which, you know, it’s a very small amount of the content—influenced the election in any way, I think, is a pretty crazy idea,”Almost exactly 20 years earlier Microsoft was arguing in federal court that it was impossible to comply with a judge’s order to unbundle its operating system, Windows, from its browser, Explorer.

If I want be really good at this 10 or 15 years from now, then Priscilla and I really need to be starting to work on this now.”It sounds as if Zuckerberg is planning his own, Gatesian, second act in “10 or 15 years from now.” Again, that would put him right on track with Bill.

Ten years after the Judge Jackson debacle, Gates was in the middle of a transition out of any day-to-day role at Microsoft and starting his current career as the world’s most important philanthropist. Bill Gates has gone from one the most vilified young men on the planet—to being almost universally well regarded and beloved.

Zuckerberg’s plan was to take his little thing—a clone of My, but for college kids—into near total control of the medium of the future. And so early in 2005, in Facebook’s first year as a real company, he called up the word’s richest man: Bill Gates.

No one except Gates and Zuckerberg knows exactly what was said in that first conversation, but it was the first of many over the years.

In other words, Zuckerberg’s formative years, his entire teen computer-nerd existence, was spent watching Microsoft do battle with the US government—and lose.

And yet, as Zuckerberg told Re Code’s Kara Swisher just two weeks ago, “Growing up, I admired how Microsoft was mission-focused.” And: “Bill Gates has always been a mentor and inspiration for me—even before I knew him.”Zuckerberg first got to know Gates when he was still a kid, he was barely 21 years old, if that, but Zuckerberg had formulated his big idea even then: to become the next Bill Gates. By taking the piece of software he had written in his dorm room—at that time it was still called “The Facebook”—and turning it into the operating system of the internet.

It was a strategy ripped directly from the Microsoft playbook.

Gates had gotten rich by turning what IBM and others assumed was a relatively meaningless piece of software, the Microsoft Disk Operating System, into near-total control of the desktop computing world.


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