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So have the handwritten words on the card that accompanies it: "From a Secret Admirer." Even though she always denied it, I knew the secret admirer was my grandmother.

When I was little, she'd sneak the Kiss into my house and stash it with my mother to give to me on Valentine's Day.

And despite my secret admirer's consistency, her touch was so subtle that each year I'd forget about the tradition and each year I'd be surprised — and delighted — when the package arrived, the shaky block-printing in blue ballpoint a familiar reminder of my grandmother's not-so-hidden love for me.

The Kiss was just one way my grandmother, an otherwise not particularly expressive woman, showed her affection.

She took me to ballets and operas and political protests, role modeling the part of a committed and compassionate New Yorker. After 47 years, two marriages, and five children, I wish I could say I've mastered love's mysteries, that I understand where it comes from and how it lasts.

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Though her death ten years ago at age 92 was not unexpected, it didn't diminish my grief at the loss of a remarkable woman, a close confidante, and the quiet mischief-maker I knew as my secret admirer. Yet I'm as clueless now as I was when I tried to make sense of the faded words stamped on powdery candy hearts.Thank you to everyone who made my day special to me.Racing home after school on Valentine's Day, I would count the cards I received from my classmates: handmade ones that smelled of paste and construction paper, and store-bought ones in impossibly tiny envelopes, an occasional powdery candy heart tumbling out as I opened it. And even when I'd become half of a couple, I spent more adult Valentine's Days on the couch in front of the TV than over candlelit dinners at romantic restaurants.We watched the movie in mostly silence, laughing amongst ourselves occasionally and me making comments comparing the movie on screen to the book (yes, that night I was that person, lol).Once it was over, we made Catherine's boyfriend take our weekly Girl's Night picture; and then he had the bright idea of going to Starbucks.Anyway, as the weeks have passed and months of us enjoying nearly every class together, we decided to designate every Tuesday a Girl's Night (we typically go to the movies, although we will stray from the movie theme if such an even occurs where the movies in theaters are uninteresting to us, in which we will likely substitute for bowling, as will be the case this Tuesday).We started this as an aid to the relief of daily stress we were receiving, the idea of going out with the girls to get our minds of things and just have fun was enticing; and quite quickly Tuesdays became our favorite days.One of the girls has a long-time boyfriend, so a romantic date night was inevitable between the two, the other has a complicated situation that could've put her on a date as well, so I expected to spend it alone in my room; more than likely reading a novel.Not that I was complaining, I was beyond happy for them (and I still am), plus, I love to read.Valentine’s Day didn’t start out as the exclusive domain of lovers.It was originally a Christian holiday created to remember the life and martyrdom of St.


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