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It was a very painful lesson that I learnt - take a bath on time.I particularly enjoy the festival in the company of friends and relatives, i.e. The excitement is unmatched when everybody loves the festival as much as you do.So, it was a very earthy kind of Holi that we played that year in the hostel.

It was a very painful lesson that I learnt - take a bath on time.

I have also had a bad experience after Holi once when I got so much engrossed in playing with the colour that I became to late to get a bath and the water tank got exhausted.

I had to wait for hours drenched in the water before the water supply was restored.

- Mitali Mishra Oh what fun we had on the Holi that year.

The tradition followed was digging the lawn generating some mud, throwing some buckets of water and then the prey.

Like choose some old and faded jeans and a shirt I am bored off besides taking care of the oiling and creaming part of it.

Otherwise, the aftermath of the Holi festival could be extremely tiresome.

Then everybody decided that we have grown up enough to have our first doze of bhang.

A thandai was prepared, somebody had stored a little milk from the morning breakfast.

After some time she suddenly started laughing and did not stopped even after repeated attempts to stop her from doing so.

Her body started aching but she could not control her laughter.


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