Odysseus Hero Or Not Essay

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Being cold-hearted definitely is not a characteristic of a hero.Being disloyal is not characteristic of a hero, but Odysseus was.

Being cold-hearted definitely is not a characteristic of a hero.Being disloyal is not characteristic of a hero, but Odysseus was.

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Disloyalty surely doesn¹t belong on a hero¹s record.

Although a war hero, Odysseus is not a hero in other respects.

/ They would have dropped their oars again, in panic,/ to roll for cover under the decking.” (XII, 289-293).

A hero is “a man noted for his special achievements” according to the dictionary, but if you ask most people what a hero is, you will get the same general response.

Odysseus was given advice from Circe that said not to try to fight Scylla even when she takes six of your men, but Odysseus tried to fight her and he lost three more men than the six he already lost.

He also neglected to take the advice from his crew member, Eurylochus.He also had multiple encounters with Circe when he stayed at her island for a year¹s time.While Odysseus was being disloyal, his wife , Penelope, stayed completely loyal despite the suitors urging her hand in marriage.Eurylochus told Odysseus not to send men to see what was on Circe¹s island and because he sent them anyway, they ended up being turned into pigs.Odysseus also neglects other people¹s lives when he takes action; such as when he tried to fight Scylla after strictly being told not to.Another example of fortitude is the episode when Odysseus must make a decision to travel down the path of Kharybdis or Skylla.He has no easy path to take because in either direction a fatalistic outcome could occur.A hero can be described in a multitude of traits with the definition of a hero varying from person to person.When thinking of a hero, a universal description thought upon is someone who accomplishes an epic task for the greater good of a society with only benevolent ideas in mind.He is puzzled in the direction to go because of his fear of making the wrong judgment and having his crew perish.However, as a hero, he holds onto his fortitude which gives him the strength to make a final call which is him saying, “I sent them on toward Skylla, I / told them nothing, as they could do nothing.


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