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In fact, at one point, the sentence was so garbled that it was difficult to understand the content.So, always be aware of such errors while proofreading your papers.With the increase in use of software for end-list references, the advisers generally follow a protocol of training their students to independently check all references.

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You can also use our Journal selection service to help you match your manuscript with the top 5 journals, while you sit back and relax.Non-adherence to journal guidelines and publishing protocols result in outright rejections.Hence, the crude reality of academic publishing is that there are more manuscript rejections than acceptances, let alone successful publications. Data, writing, graphs, citations, illustrations, etc., have been finalized.A submission expert checks your manuscript against the journal guidelines and gives you a list of must-dos and fixes to meet the journal guidelines.When you’re ready, they complete the submission on your behalf.Some of these are as follows: Years of experience as a published author can help you evaluate these parameters with ease.At Enago Publication Support, you can get access to Journal Selection experts in your area of research.Writing a paper is a lot of work: organizing the data, drawing the figures, writing everything from the experimental section to discussion in a clear and effective manner.However, now the paper has been submitted, the reviewers have been kind, and the editor has notified you that the paper has been accepted for publication. When the proofs arrive, you as an author should proofread them and ensure that the citations and content convey your intended meaning.Always ensure that all figures are labeled properly and placed correctly in the text.In addition, inspect the figures for clarity, because reduction to the required size in the journal copy may considerably change the legibility.


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