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They flow better, and everything makes much more sense. Diversity is the key to being a world class drummer.

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Thin cymbals tend to work out better in the studio, as do thin heads. Make your drumming and your songs as much a part of you, as your own beating heart.

You don’t want anything alien happening in your head when in the studio.

The song is, in and of itself, a reason to own this album – ’cause as good as the rest of the disc is, it blows away every other song you’ve heard up to this point, every other song Origin has ever written, and maybe every other tech-death song you’ve heard in recent memory.

The bad news is that this is the song every other Origin song will be judged against from now until the end of time; the good news, it’s the song all of their peers will now be judged against as well.

Practice so you can endure 12 hrs of playing, so an 8 hr shift won’t kill you.

Drummer Comments: I have recently started working on groove playing. Learning these grooves is more difficult than one may think.I find it easier to spend more time on things like blast beats and double bass.Also, in working on groove playing, I’m using muscles that I wasn’t aware I had.I think it's going to be like that now, too - I might start out listening to bands like Origin, but, given time, I'll start digging the less conventional bands, too :)EDIT: Wow, Vale of Pnath is amazing. This is a good album, maybe a little overrated - but the speed, especially the drums is impressive - and also probably the only thing about this album and Origin in general that stands them out from other average death metal bands. This is the lowest rating or most opposed point of view i have yet seen for this album.They don't really sound like Origin, but Vale of Pnath's newest album follows a normal song structure for the most part.Archspire to a lesser degree (Remote Tumour Seeker, Calamus will Animate, Lucid Collective Somnambulation are songs like that), a few Job for a Cowboy songs (Misery Reformatory, maybe some stuff off Ruination)Overall there are going to be songs like that from most bands, just not all of them.That’s why Steve Smith, drummer of Journey (a rock band) is now one of the worlds premier jazz drummers. Don’t just practice death metal for death metals sake……. You were expecting Brutal Death, it's very fast Death metal, but that it's not something you can denote as bad. (Impressive live too) So because people say this album is amazing and you don't like it as much you set it to a lower rating?


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