Overcoming Challenges Essay

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This is the sixth chapter of nine included in my free, full version program, Goals! The other chapters will be added in blog entries for future use. An Interactive Guide Chapters: Chapter One: Why Set Goals?

Chapter Two: Decide What You Want Chapter Three: Create an Unstoppable Drive Chapter Four: Get Organized Chapter Five: Stay Flexible Chapter Six: Overcoming Obstacles Chapter Seven: Review Your Progress Chapter Eight: Velocity-Based Goal Setting Chapter Nine: Operate From the Highest Level Every goal you set is going to have obstacles.

If you lack experience with your goal, chances are your map is going to be a little inaccurate as well.

In business planning there seems to be two fairly distinctive camps.

By planning out how you want to reach your goal, you can successfully identify and find solutions to most of the obstacles you will come across.

By identifying the obstacles ahead of time, you can avoid scrambling for a solution in the last minutes before they hit you.If you goals didn’t have obstacles, then you wouldn’t have any trouble achieving them.Without obstacles achieving your goals would just be activities like watching television or picking up your dry-cleaning.Other entrepreneurs often suggest to avoid the initial plan because they recognize that without business experience many of your predictions in your plan will be completely invalid.Regardless of whether your goal is to start your own business, this raises a confusing point.When Christopher Columbus thought he had sailed to India, he had actually landed in North America.The maps that he used to chart their journey did not realize that there was a huge landmass and the worlds largest ocean still separating them between Europe and Asia. He didn’t have a lot of experience in trying to reach Asia from Europe going west.Obstacles are what make goals challenging and motivating.Although obstacles can be frustrating, without them any goal could be easily achieved without motivation or effort.Worse even when you give up at the sight of a particular obstacle because you cannot see a path around it.As thrilling and motivating it can be to overcome your challenges to reach a goal it can be equally frustrating and depressing when you can’t find a way to solve them.


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