Parents Help With Homework

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However, I do NOT approve the parents writing the homework” Roger J. But how else are kids to learn if they don't understand something, but by asking and being taught, or looking it up.

Presumably if the school didn't want the pupils to either looks facts up or ask how something was done they would give them work in class instead of at home.

If parents do too much it stops the child learning some self-reliance and responsibility and keeps them dependent.

If a child is struggling it is fine for a parent to make suggestions of avenues the child can try, but if the parent does too much it masks the fact the child is struggling and gives teachers a false impression of what the child can do” “Homework is central to the development of children's brains and thought processes.

Sometimes they don't quite understand what is wanted.

I feel it is fine to give some assistance with sorting out how to approach problems. It is too easy to just give them the answer” Andy G, Somerset “My children are well grown up and no longer need my assistance with homework.Also keeps the parent/guardian up to date with current education standards and methods” Bill, Norfolk “Education is a partnership between school and home.The most important thing we can give our children is education” John Clywd “You can offer a one to one tuition and time, whereas teachers have to divide themselves between twenty to thirty pupils.Some participants believed that it is neither a good nor a bad idea.Many suggested that parents should help if they are asked, yet should allow their children to give it a go first.It would seem frankly insane not to provide support for one's own children, anything else is surely neglectful/poor parenting” Phil A, Essex “Parental involvement and support in education, right from reading to them as a small child has been shown to be a key determinant of educational achievement.Yes, as children they advance in age they do need to develop independent study skills and sometimes when a child is really struggling it can be a fine line between helping and doing it for them; but nonetheless helping with homework is a key way of building children's confidence, abilities and respect for school and education more broadly” Ben W, Bury “All parents should help with homework both to keep up to date with their child's schooling and also to help with any problems or questions - especially at primary & early secondary school levels” Anon “Showing children that you are interested in their school work gives them encouragement and confidence to work hard.Whether that’s on their first algebra assignment, a year-long science project they don’t know how to start, or a lingering book report where the due date has come and gone…Sometimes it’s hard to know when to step in and how to direct them without helping too much.One of the toughest parts about seeing your kids through school is deciding to “let go.” To let them take responsibility, make mistakes, and “learn how to learn” under their own control.But what happens when they get stuck, and aren’t able (or willing) to figure it out on their own?


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