Part Time Social Work Degree Courses

Advanced-year field placements (completed in the third year of the MSW program) are focused on either clinical or macro social work, depending on which concentration a student chooses.

Advanced-year placements begin in early August and continue until the end of the spring semester at the end of April.

Those already employed full time in a social work agency may be able to work toward an MSW without leaving their jobs, providing that: Students in the part-time program take two courses during both the Fall and Spring semesters for three academic years and during two summers.

The school understands that students in the part-time program often juggle the demands of a full-time job in addition to the requirements of the MSW program.

Members of BUSSW are readily available and committed to providing online students a high quality educational experience. S., and military bases outside of the 50 states are ineligible for the Online MSW Program.

Online students at BUSSW access their courses through the Boston University Online Campus portal. Boston University allows students to enroll in online programs regardless of immigration status.

Foundation-year field placements (completed in the second year of the MSW program) are at agencies in which students get exposure to broad social work skills working with individuals, groups, and communities.

Foundation-year placements begin in September and continue through the end of June.

This combination of field placement and coursework totals a time commitment of about 31-36 hours per week for part-time students.

Part-time students are not eligible for dual-degree programs.


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