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Compare the two styles in Examples 1 and 2 below.; normally, more than one recommendation is made (e.g., one or more for application of the current findings and one or more for further research) so this word is often plural.

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At this stage, you have already collected as much data as you can and are ready to process and analyze such a huge amount of information.

However, expect a lot of changes in your process, methods and chapters.

Research is a process which involves a lot of thinking, planning and writing.

It is advisable to think about topics that interest you at the beginning of your program.

Second level section headings may use either title capitalization or sentence capitalization (i.e., as in sentences only the first letter of the first word and names (proper nouns and adjectives) are capitalized; all other words in the title appear in lower case).

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Normally third level headings See Figure 2 below for a sample of a word-processed table-of-contents page.The Scope and Limitations of the Study section in Chapter 1 would now have to be included in Chapter 3.Another section, Organization of the Study, must be added in Chapter 1.Here, you would need to make the necessary corrections to some of the sections presented during the proposal stage.For example, you might have to fine-tune your research questions and objectives based on the data you have gathered or what you have found during the research process.When your proposal is approved, the process of operationalizing your method(s) to find answers to your questions begins.When it is finished, the process of The first chapter of a proposal consists of several subheadings or sections: background, research questions, objectives, limitations, rationale, hypothesis (optional), statement of the problem, and methodology.Here Writer B refers to or cites Nordberg using the word “found.” Notice that here the emphasis is not only on Nordberg’s findings but on Nordberg or the Nordberg approach to investigating administration of selenite.There are many acceptable variations in referencing style.A pilot study or feasibility study can be done before the actual research process.8. The following are some elements that can be included in the second part of the Literature Review chapter.Do not forget to CITE current or relevant work of other authors and try to use the different techniques in incorporating other authors’ ideas in your writing; summarizing, paraphrasing and directly quoting the source. Discuss with your adviser to finalize the sections and sub-headings.2.


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