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His work has been translated into more than thirty languages.He lives in Brooklyn, New York.”“In this acrobatic and virtuosic collection, Paul Auster traces the compulsion to make literature.Thirty years later, in , the repetition of the binary rhythm of steps, breath, heartbeat, and the emphasis on doublings and symmetry widen the scope of Auster’s organic use of language.

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JONATHAN LETHEM: What were you doing today before I appeared in your house? An attentive reader is finding meanings in the book that can’t be articulated, finding them in his or her body. They’re so used to reading journalism—clunky, functional sentences that convey factual information—facts, more than just the surfaces of things.

And then I went over to the little apartment I have in the neighborhood and worked for about six hours. My mother died two years ago, and there was one last thing to take care of concerning her estate—a kind of insurance bond I had to sign off on. JL: I like the word “physical.” I have the same fetish for continuity. I write in longhand, and the pen is scratching the words onto the page. So much of the effort that goes into writing prose for me is about making sentences that capture the music that I’m hearing in my head.

JL: For me, five or six hours of writing is plenty. So, if I get that many hours the other stuff feels satisfying. But if I have to do that stuff when I haven’t written— PA: Oh, that’s terrible. PA: I’ve found that writing novels is an all-absorbing experience—both physical and mental—and I have to do it every day in order to keep the rhythm, to keep myself focused on what I’m doing. If there’s no family thing happening that day, I’ll at least work in the morning. If I’m gone for two weeks, it takes me a good week to get back into the rhythm of what I was doing before. I always have the sense that the words are coming out of my body, not just my mind.

Among his other honours are the Independent Spirit Award for the screenplay of Smoke and the Prix Medicis Etranger for Leviathan.

He has also been short-listed for both the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (The Book of Illusions) and the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction (The Music of Chance).Ces œuvres cycliques répètent la perception, la chute et l’échec.Il s’agira en conséquence d’élucider ici la quête métaphysique et les obsessions esthétiques de Paul Auster.Se révèleront, au sein du processus d’écriture, les fonctions et les failles du corps. Facing the choreographer’s incapacity to put into words the December 1978 dance rehearsal, he began — step by step, word by word — to give in to silence, linguistic randomness and wandering.” during a dance rehearsal in New York, is an early experimentation with the physicality of writing. Auster suddenly realized that literary creation springs from physical commands rather than intellectual ones.Trente ans plus tard, dans , la répétition du rythme binaire des pas, de la respiration, des battements de cœur, et l’accent mis sur les doubles et la symétrie accroissent l’étendue de son utilisation organique du langage.Parler et écrire nécessitent de s’abandonner à une musique intérieure, comme si les mots étaient vivants, animés librement et dictés à l’écrivain par son propre corps.Comme le suggère, le langage inscrit la négativité tout aussi indirectement que le corps intègre le trauma.Du plaisir à la douleur, le corps exhibe les blessures du passé.Like Oath, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.Learn more about how Oath collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data.


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