Persuasive Essay On Homelessness In America

Persuasive Essay On Homelessness In America-15
This is because most homeless people are either poor or severely poor. Determining the size of the population that is homeless in the U. Additionally, most people are homeless only on some nights.

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Sociodemographic characteristics the majority of homeless veterans are white, unmarried, unemployed, in their forties, and poor (Tsai et al, 2013).

Current statistics of homeless veterans 20% are aged fifty-five or older (Schinka, Schinka, Casey, Kasprow, &Bossarte, 2012).

Looking at war history to see if maybe there is a link to being on the street, looking at the mental health, substance abuse, and the treatment of these men and women who have giving all to keep us free.

This paper will look at war history, Mental Health/Substance Abuse/ Health Iraq war brought forth the effort to help get them off the streets and into treatment.

Even though we have come back full circle to help the veterans, there are still thousands on the street.

Homeless Veterans Homelessness is a public health problem for over three decades and veterans are great concern do to their fighting for our country (Tsai, Pietrzak, Rosenheck, 2013).

For example, PIT estimated the homeless population in the US at 643,067 and decreased by 1% to 636,017 in 2011. as established through PIT counts depends on a number of factors such as the housing market conditions, shelter rules and prevailing weather conditions.

This was as decrease of approximately 7,000 people. However, housing market conditions contribute the biggest percentage to the homeless population. A large portion of the homeless population consists of mentally-ill people. This is because homelessness is a condition and not an attribute or status.

Homelessness in the United States is as a revolving-door crisis.

This means that a person can be homeless on a given night and not be homeless the following night.


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