Phd Dissertation Format

Phd Dissertation Format-89
The student's department determines the style for footnotes, bibliographies, tables, chapter headings, etc.

The Graduate School is responsible for monitoring formatting requirements of dissertations and theses.

The specifications of Wayne State University's Graduate School for dissertation manuscript formatting are primary requirements and take precedence over all styles and other guidelines for margins, spacing, pagination, order of parts, etc.

All text should be double-spaced, except for block quotations, captions, long headings, and footnotes.

All these should be single-spaced with a blank line between items.

The Graduate School will not accept documents if required items are missing.

The Graduate School will not extend deadlines because of miscommunication between the student and the advisor.

Students must file before the first day of classes in semester II in order to avoid being charged the tuition and fees for semester II.

THE FINAL EXAMINATION OR DEFENSE The final examination or defense must be scheduled by the candidate at the convenience of the readers.

Page Numbers Each page, including blank ones, must have a number.

The number should not appear on the title page or the copyright page but, these pages are assigned numbers and are included in the pagination.


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