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In September 1973, I began my State government career at Maine State Government’s Central Photographic Services Division.I was just out of the Army and had been freelancing in photography in the Augusta area.

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In the early 1980s, we were presented with a new opportunity - a department asked us to produce a 16mm color motion picture documentary of the construction of one of their new offices. I had produced numerous motion picture shorts in the military and found them to be very powerful audiovisual tools.

This motion picture production work signaled a whole new field which added value to our contributions to State government.

The film processed and printed for other departments were usually for the departmental public relation officers, and they usually shot 4"x 5" film.

These "PR" officers used the old 4 x 5 Speed Graphic cameras--not exactly a light quick candid camera!

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Customer service and work quality have always been first on our daily agenda.

We processed our assignment films, as well as the film for various other departments and agencies.

We found they needed more that just a still photographer and photo lab services.

Thereafter, when handling news events, we worked side by side with all the network news crews.


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