Planning A Dissertation Timeline

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I have two other Ph D students at exactly the same stage (2 years to defense) so I figured I might as well finish this blog post.

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— Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega (@raulpacheco) October 5, 2018 Project planning for research students B5u L excellent template by @Dr ESheppard which may be of interest to students from undergrad, Masters and Ph D levels. QVl Yoc H7 — Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega (@raulpacheco) September 3, 2018 To do Gantt charts you can use Excel or Microsoft Project (which is how I learned to do them), or Visio (which has been bought by the evil company and is now Microsoft Visio).

Can you tweet me your process before I tweet/thread mine? (I'm off to dinner because I've already written 460 words).

— Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega (@raulpacheco) October 3, 2018 The core planning strategy I would thus recommend doctoral, masters and undergraduate students is to engage in a combination of Gantt Chart Design and project backcasting techniques.

I was trained as a project manager, and I worked in that capacity for a number of years, so I understand exactly the kind of work that needs to be done to develop good project plans.

There are a few resources for students, which I mentioned on Twitter earlier today (October 5th, 2018), many of which are listed in the thread that will appear if you click anywhere on the tweet shown below.

Ellie Mackin Roberts (my coauthor for a forthcoming book on research planning) and her website.

Ellie has A TON of downloadable printables for you to plan your own research. Both for doctoral students AND for post-Ph D folks, my coauthor Dr.

You should discuss and agree appropriate activities and milestones with your supervisor.

The timetable is based on the principle of working towards the dissertation, rather than undertaking a project that you will write up at the end.


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