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Seeking submissions and writers to help grow the page. Blog reddit.com/r/Political Satire Facebook fans 1,295,525.

Seeking submissions and writers to help grow the page. Blog reddit.com/r/Political Satire Facebook fans 1,295,525. About Blog Newsfox is a spoof news, satire and jokes website covering politics, sport, celebs and more.

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About Blog Wah Sarkar is a satirical take on political parties and parliamentarians in India.

About Blog Follow for a daily dose of satire at the expense of the idiots running the country.

Satire, as usual, is directed against negative social phenomena.

If we have a satirical composition before us, this means that the author does not like something in the life that he and his compatriots live with, they are not satisfied with those who direct them, and how people fulfill their duties as a citizen of the country. His readers are clever and should get to the idea that there is no forgiveness for those who live and creep before the authorities, and every day meet on their way ignorance.

The author leads his hero through the labyrinths of different political systems, emphasizing the comic inadequacy of political candidates and revealing human nature.

Only in the utopian society of giants and virtuous horses, Gulliver finds reasonableness, compliance with fair laws and ethical norms. About Blog This reddit is for people that see the bright side to the current state of hyper-partisan political discourse: the abundance of absurd people and material just asking to be ridiculed Frequency about 1 post per week. The aim is to build a strong right wing political opinion platform in the country. Blog rightlog.in/category/satire Facebook fans 92,644. We aim to look at key issues plaguing Indian democracy. The most striking satirical work was the novel “Gulliver’s Travels.” The novel is built like a story about unsuccessful sea voyages.The work consists of four parts: the first is a trip to the land of the Lilliputians, the second is a trip to the country of the giants, in the third the hero departures to the aerial island of Laputa, and the fourth to the country of extraordinary horses that created the republic of good.The people justly called the writer their defender.In conformity with his beliefs, Jonathan Swift was an enlightener.He was a person who believes in the mind, the need for a clever transformation of the world; therefore his literary activity began with good satirical essays on hot topics.The most suitable weapon in the struggle for freedom and happiness of the people for Swift was satire – a way of artistic representation of reality, which consists in sharp condemnation and ridicule of the negative. He enjoys sports, comedy, and writing in the third person about himself. About Blog Jason Scott Brendel is a writer and poet from Northern California.


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