Problem Solving Management

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For group problem-solving and decision-making, or when a consensus is required, workshops help, within which you can incorporate these tools and process as appropriate.The same methodology can be used to compare a series of several options.For more complex situations, especially which entail many more rows and columns, it's sensible to use a spreadsheet.Some decisions are a simple matter of whether to make a change or not, such as moving, taking a new job, or buying something, selling something, replacing something, etc.Other decisions involve number of options, and are concerned more with how to do something, involving a number of choices.Problem solving and decision-making are important skills for business and life. Simple processes for problem-solving and decision-making1.2. There are processes and techniques to improve decision-making and the quality of decisions.Problem-solving often involves decision-making, and decision-making is especially important for management and leadership. Decision-making is more natural to certain personalities, so these people should focus more on improving the quality of their decisions.In any case, factors/options can be weighted and scored appropriately.The 'pros and cons' method can be used especially for two-option problem-solving and decision-making issues where implications need to be understood and a decision has to be made in a measured objective sense.You will find that writing things down in this way will help you to see things more clearly, become more objective and detached, which will help you to make clearer decisions.Using a scoring template also allows for the involvement and contribution of other people, far more objectively, controllably and usefully, than by general discusssion without a measurement framework.


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