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Problem solving strategy posters are a great way to keep as an anchor chart or reference around the classroom.Students can use them when looking for a way to solve a math problem or word problem.

I loved how the book was all about modeling these strategies with the students.

If modeled correctly and practiced enough in the younger grades, these students will be able to use these strategies fluently to solve more complex problems in grades 3-5.

About Star Posters: Problem solving is one of the four proficiency strands in the Australian Maths Curriculum.

Research shows that problem solving strategies need to be explicitly taught, talked about, compared and reflected upon if students are to become adept problem solvers.

Knowing how to find solutions to difficult problems not only gives your kiddos the ability to identify and tackle more complex Math problems, it also gives them the confidence to take on some of the responsibility for their own learning and practice higher levels of thinking.

To help your students become more proficient in solving Math problems, here are nine problem solving strategies you can teach them: So there you go, my friend.

” If I got the blank stare, I knew the learner had skipped step #1.

Of course, there are exceptions to these steps, like being punched by another student.

Natural Maths has been at the forefront of creating effective materials for problem solving for many years.

Recently we have updated our approach to and pedagogy for maths problem solving to include interactive materials and a revised approach to the Polya model for Problem Solving which we call the STAR model.


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