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In essence, green plants take carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the molecules of carbon dioxide and water, and then recombine them into a new molecule called glucose.

Energy is stored in the bonds of the glucose molecule.

Glucose is a fairly simple sugar, easy to break down.

It’s generally agreed that sources from within renewable living ecosystems have distinct advantages over using the ancient materials that make up fossil fuels.

Plants and photosynthesis are the basis of fossil fuels, too, but from millions and millions of years ago.

Energy is released along with some carbon dioxide and water. Trees and other green plants practice respiration, too, just like animals, but they also practice photosynthesis.

This is why ecologists categorize green plants as “producers” and most every other life form as a “consumer.” It’s about the energy.And some forests actually produce more carbon dioxide than oxygen.Fortunately, the benefits of both trees and forests extend far beyond something as narrow as oxygen production.Nevertheless, trees and forests are, indeed, significant oxygen producers.However, if oxygen was the only benefit of trees and forests, we could easily live without them.Plants are also crucial to human life because we rely on them as a source of food for ourselves and for the animals that we eat., Michigan State University Extension Most people would agree that photosynthesis is a great thing. However, some folks have missed the purpose of photosynthesis. The primary function of photosynthesis is to convert solar energy into chemical energy and then store that chemical energy for future use.Trees are often credited as the major oxygen generator for the planet, but that would be false.Most of the planet is covered with water and the collective photosynthesis of lowly algae is the true oxygen machine.Photosynthesis happens when water is absorbed by the roots of green plants and is carried to the leaves by the xylem, and carbon dioxide is obtained from air that enters the leaves through the stomata and diffuses to the cells containing chlorophyll.The green pigment chlorophyll is uniquely capable of converting the active energy of light into a latent form that can be stored (in food) and used when needed.


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