Pyrolysis Of Biomass Thesis

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It can be used to replace fossil fuels in the power and transportation sectors.This paper critically reviews the facts and prospects of biomass, the pyrolysis process to obtain bio-oil, the impact of different pyrolysis technology (for example, temperature and speed of pyrolysis process), and the impact of various reactors.

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Finally, more research, along with government subsidies and technology transfer, is needed to tackle the future challenges of the development of pyrolysis technology.

Nowadays, energy usage is prodigious, and a significant key factor for the advancement of a nation, and the scarcity of energy has become an economic threat for the development of nations around the world [1,2].

The increase in availability and technological developments of recent years allow the use of biomass as a renewable energy source with low levels of emissions and environmental impacts.

Biomass energy can be in the forms of biogas, bio-liquid, and bio-solid fuels.

But despite its central role, not everyone has access to modern energy services’’ [3,4].

Today’s energy requirement is increasing in trend, due to population growth and ongoing economic and technological advancement around the world [4].

All the products now obtained from oil can be provided by thermal conversion of the solid fuels biomass and coal.

As a feedstock, biomass has many advantages over coal and has the potential to supply up to 20% of US energy by the year 2000 and significant amounts of energy for other countries.

The paper also discusses different pyrolysis products, their yields, and factors affecting biomass products, including the present status of the pyrolysis process and future challenges.

This study concluded that the characteristics of pyrolysis products depend on the biomass used, and what the pyrolysis product, such as bio-oil, can contribute to the local economy.


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