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So this is definitely, definitely a statistical question. What was the difference in rainfall between Singapore and Seattle in 2013? And assuming that this has already happened and we can measure 'em, then we can just find the difference. You just have to have both of these measurements and subtract the difference. In general, will I use less gas driving at 55 miles an hour than 70 miles per hour?So this feels statistical, because it probably depends on the circumstance.So once again, all English professors don't get paid the same amount, and all math professors don't get paid the same amount. Does the most highly paid English professor at Harvard get paid more than the most highly paid math professor at MIT?

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Look at each of these questions and think about whether you think you need statistics to answer this question or you don't need statistics. So I'm assuming you've given a pass at it, and now we can go through this together. So we're talking about how old is a particular person.

There is an answer here, and we don't need any tools of statistics to answer this. How old are the people who have watched this video in 2013? We're assuming that multiple people will have watched this video in 2013, and they're not all gonna be the same age. Some dogs run faster than some cats, and some cats run faster than some dogs. And we're assuming that we're pointing at a particular wolf. We're comparing a dog, a particular dog to a particular wolf.

In Singapore, it rains a different amount from year to year. Well, that's where the statistics could be valuable.

There's variability in the data, so we can look at the data set for Seattle and come up with some type of an average, some type of a central tendency and compare that to the average, the mean, the mode, whatever you want, the mode probably wouldn't be that useful here, to Singapore. Both the rainfall in Singapore can be measured, the rainfall in Seattle can be measured.

Let's say, and let's just make it that way.

Say in 2013, just so that we can remove some variability that they might make from year to year, make it a little bit more concrete.

For instance, when the appropriate reference material is minimal.

Reliable sources may not be at your local library or may be in a foreign language, or even be too difficult to understand, or too simple to be useful.

Here are a few ideas that might make for interesting student projects at all levels (from high-school to graduate school).

I’d welcome ideas/suggestions/additions to the list as well.


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