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Finish up by outlining what types of marketing strategies you will use, such as advertising in local real estate magazines, offering seminars, creating a website or blog and other tactics that target your market. Study other real estate agents in your office and at other firms to identify the similarities and differences in areas such as target market and marketing strategies.

Conduct a market analysis in which you define the people who will buy or list their home with you.

Identify your market's demographic such as age, gender, socio-economic status and other characteristics.

List the management team of your real estate business such as your broker or partner if you work with one.

Give their names and information including their skills, experience and education as they relate to helping you build a successful real estate business. Detail the day-to-day activities required to manage your real estate business.

In order to succeed, it is imperative to have a quality business plan in place.

Write an executive summary that sums up your mission, your service, goals and significant achievements such as awards.

A professional real estate business plan is an important step towards building a business in this challenging industry.

Here are two examples of real estate business plans created by Cayenne Consulting: This plan is an example of what we can create when visual impact is a top priority.

Give a financial statement that shows current cash and assets, as well as expenses and liabilities.

Calculate projected income and expenses over the coming year.


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