Research Paper On Artificial Intelligence

Papers in AI are fairly accessible and often published on ar Xiv.

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Deciding what to work on can be the hardest part of research.

Some general strategies that I have seen employed by researchers with long track records: The strategy I have come to adopt for writing research code is to start by creating visualization scripts.

A number of folks in the community have made it easier to sort signal from noise.

Andrej Karpathy hosts the ar Xiv sanity preserver with some helpful sorting, searching, and filtering features.

the research that paved the path to their professorship.

Also feel free to email those professors to ask for additional references (though don't take offense if they are too busy to reply).Miles Brundage used to tweet a lightly curated list of ar Xiv papers each night; this duty has largely been assumed by the Brundage Bot.Many other tweeters share interesting references from time to time -- I recommend following your favorite researchers on Twitter (here are the people I follow).Tom Silver | About Me | Blog By Tom Silver A friend of mine who is about to start a career in artificial intelligence research recently asked what I wish I had known when I started two years ago. They range from general life lessons to relatively specific tricks of the AI trade. I was initially very intimidated by my colleagues and hesitant to ask basic questions that might betray my lack of expertise. Before I was drowning in a backlog of terms to Google after work.It was many months before I felt comfortable enough with a few colleagues to ask questions, and still my questions were carefully formulated. Now I immediately ask a question when it comes and my confusion is resolved before it compounds.There are at least three main clusters that might be called the "math", "engineering", and "cognitive" motivations.These motivations can be harmonious and many AI papers are interesting from multiple perspectives.Conferences are by far the dominant venue for publication, but there are journals as well.JAIR and JMLR are the two most prominent journals specific to the field.Good papers and researchers will state at the outset their motivation, but often the fundamental impetus is buried.I have found it useful to consider papers through each lens one at a time in case the motivation is not obvious.


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