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"depends on working on relationships -- with the home, community groups, politicians and business." There is a rich history of schools and the public they serve working together toward a common goal: the education of America's youth.

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Do you wonder why literature review is so important?

The extent of the review is what reflects the writer’s credibility, hence the need for extensive knowledge.

In other words, literature review is the solid background of research paper.

This summary review of the literature synthesizes the current state-of-the-art in parent and community involvement; looks at the programs, practices, and their effects in the research and practice literature, especially since 1980; and ends with implications, conclusions and recommendations for research.

The literature on middle grade (i.e., Grades 4 through 8) parent and community involvement programs and practices is highlighted throughout this review since activities in the middle grades are less well-developed and understood than those for earlier grades.

Inspirations can come from co-author, editors, and reviewers.

Old materials can be interpreted in new ways, and depending on the material, it can assess the sources and give relevant insights.

In the area of parent and community involvement, three areas were identified for concentrated study: l) districtwide programs, 2) school restructuring, and 3) adult-child learning experiences (home learning).

This study focused on parent and community involvement in middle grades education including these three broad areas outlined in the original Request for Proposals.


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