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Interestingly, Pawson has recounted how Trygve Reenskaug himself had stated that the Naked Objects pattern was the ultimate end game to his Model-View-Controller pattern.This certainly gives weight and validity to Naked Objects as an architectural pattern (in the West of Scotland we call this "hawners"). The Naked Objects MVC framework is interesting from a number of points of view: As a final observation Pawson claims that Naked Objects works well for sovereign applications but it does not lend itself very well to transient applications.

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All you need to do is provide a property (actually just a setter) for the type of service that a domain object needs access to and Naked Objects will inject an instance of that service type whenever the domain object is brought into memory.

For example: As stated earlier, Naked Objects includes two alternative user interfaces: a rich-client ('Drag and Drop') UI and a pure HTML UI.

By contrast Naked Objects neither requires, nor permits, the specification of Controllers: all business behavior must be encapsulated as methods on the domain entities.

This makes Naked Objects one of the most 'opinionated' frameworks in existence!

Is there a tool that would create a Form or Control for prototyping this class?

So, no sooner had I blogged about VS Lightswitch (I mean literally the next morning) I discover that there is a whole architectural pattern out there that tackles the problem that I have been considering developing a framework for - Naked Objects.

Indeed for people who already use Hibernate to derive their persistence layer from a POJO domain model, Naked Objects can be thought of as performing the same function but upwards to the presentation layer.

Naked Objects 3.0 includes a sophisticated Hibernate Object Store, which, as well as allowing you to map your domain objects to a database using Hibernate mapping files, can generate the entire schema automatically.

For those not familiar with earlier versions, Naked Objects is an open-source Java-based framework that takes a POJO domain object model and turns it into a complete, executable application.

It auto-creates a user interface that is a direct reflection of the domain model, offering the option of either a rich-client interface or a pure HTML interface as shown below (you can view both on our online demonstration application); and it auto-creates a persistence layer using Hibernate.


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