Richard Rodriguez Christmas Essay

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At home, I have a book of children in Africa that are starving to death and we have too much. I would get him a PS2 game because he is one of my favorite friend and budy. Him and I play together a lot, we play football, baseball, soccer, basketball.

I would like to give Grandpa Kacourek a picture of Grandma. Grandma always gave me cookies when I went to her house. I think Grandma Spatchek would like a toy John Deere tractor to remember Grandpa on the farm. -- Nick I would give my brother an Xbox 360 because he really wants one and he is begging for one. I would also shovel snow for her because if she works too hard, she has to be put on an oxygen tank. -- Erin Orchekowski I would give a house to a hurricane person. -- Mitchell Honkaner, grade 5 I would give the only gift to my Mommy, because she is nice to me. They would be for kids, adults, teens, the elderly, the poor, the sick, the hurt, and everybody that does not have a lot of clothes. -- Caitlin Schmidt It would be a TV for my brother. -- Anne Ozminkowski I would give a very poor and miserable boy in an African town my 7 year bike. -- Christian Ananda I would give the Gonnering family a cure for Blake because they are so busy from running to the hospital and watching Lindsy who is in my class and her older sister Kathy who has the flu. I would give him guitar strings because he likes to play guitar. -- Bryan Wendtland I would give an ornament to my mom. I would give him money because he can put it to a new guitar.

-- Hannah Du Prey If I would give one Christmas gift, I would give it to my grandfather. The reason why I would give him a hug is because when he gives me a hug it makes me feel happy. J., a Spiderman ball, because he likes Spiderman a lot. -- Taylor Adleman I would get a little dress for my sister, because she looks cute in a dress. -- Riley Kasper I would give an electric car starter to my mom. My gift would be a day off from everything, because she works too hard everyday. I would do it because everybody should be treated the same way and because I care very much. I would give her a new computer because they don't always work. I would give it to him so he could watch wrestling. I just want them all to get a break and go back to normal. It would say "Best Mom Ever" because she is the best mom ever. I hope she will put the ornament on the top of the Christmas tree. I would give him a Power Ranger toy because he is the best brother I've got.

This year, our 19th annual "Just for Kids" asked children to write about just one gift: If you could give only one Christmas gift this year -- to just one person -- what would it be? We heard from 321 children -- both individuals and students in 27 different school classes or religious education programs across the diocese. -- Maddie I would get a house for my dad who lives in an apartment. I can only give one gift, and I don't know what to give them. I would get her a doll with a horse for the doll to ride.

Not surprisingly, family members as a group were most often chosen for gifts by the children, receiving more than half the choices (167). He got divorced because him and my mom didn't get along. I could them money, but that wouldn't be straight from the heart. -- Gabi Brockman I would make two cards to give to my parents. -- Allie Van Pay I would give a fleece blanket to the Linus Foundation. Kids could play in their yards without having parents keeping a sharp eye on them. I would give her it because she doesn't have a lot of toys.


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