Rights And Obligations Of Parents Essay In Urdu

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“ And your Lord has ordained that you shall worship none save Him and shall do your parents a good turn.” What does a ‘good turn’ mean? A famous Hadith (Tradition) says, “ Paradise lies under the feet of the mother”.

It includes obeying them, speaking softly, avoiding harsh words or harsh tone, giving them company when they are lonely, caring for their physical and psychological needs (especially in their old age), and praying to Allah that He may bless them and have mercy on them. This means doing good to our mother lead us to Paradise.

Daughters can help in mother’s household work—cooking, washing, cleaning, serving food etc.

With good children such help should come automatically, not when asked for.

As between parents the mother has more rights than the father. Mother has borne the child’s burden during pregnancy, has undergone birth pains in delivering the baby, has sacrificed her own comforts to provide comfort to her children, has looked after them and felt worried for their well-being. As to the reward for doing good to our parents a Hadith mentions the following story: “ Three persons of ancient days were once travelling in a mountaneous region.

That is why mother deserves our good treatment more than the father. The rain, thunder and lightning made them take refuge in a cave.

It is a matter of common courtesy that if a person does you some favor you feel obliged to him. You try to repay and compensate him for his gifts and favors. After Allah our parents deserve our thanks and obedience for the favors they had done us. This means that the mother deserves three times more good treatment from her children than the father deserves.

That’s why Quran lays stress on feeling grateful to parents, and doing good to them. Another Tradition wants us to extend kind treatment to close relations on the mother’s side also (even to her friends).

The stone slipped down and the entry to the cave opened up. This story shows how service to one’s parents leads to blessings from God and rescue from troubles.

Now let us summarize the Rights of Parents (Duties of children): ( Parents have a right to be respected and obeyed by children. They issue orders and instructions that are in the best interest of children (though children might think ottherwise).


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