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something precipitates out of solution), you should memorize the solubility rules.The aqueous sodium permanganate solution is produced by an electrolytic synthesis comprising using a permanganate compound and a sodium salt compound as raw materials and subjecting the materials to a metathesis reaction by using an ion exchange membrane as a diaphragm.HSAB theory can also be used to predict the products of a metathesis reaction.

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Based my current knowledge of Chemistry, I would expect something like this: Let the symbol of each element represent its standard reduction potential.

Then spontaneity would be given by the following: $\ce$ Where a positive value would imply that the reaction is spontaneous, and the magnitude the degree of spontaneity.

An example of this is the formation of barium thiocyanate when boiling a mixture of copper(I)thiocyanate and barium hydroxide in water: (aq) 2Cu OH (s) A subcategory of aqueous metathesis reactions is the reaction of an acid with a carbonate or bicarbonate.

Such a reaction always yields carbonic acid as a product, which spontaneously decomposes into carbon dioxide and water.

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For example, the precipitation of silver chloride from a mixture of silver nitrate and sodium chloride causes sodium nitrate to be left in solution: The formation of an insoluble gas that bubbles out of the solution, or a molecular compound such as water, also drives the reaction to completion.

Therefore, a solubility chart (or general knowledge of solubility rules) can be used to predict whether two aqueous solutions will react.

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