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Mote Elementary School, where teachers were testing software that automatically evaluates essays for University of Delaware researcher Joshua Wilson.Wilson, assistant professor in UD's School of Education in the College of Education and Human Development, asked teachers at Mote and Heritage Elementary School, both in Delaware's Red Clay Consolidated School District, to use the software during the 2014-15 school year and give him their reaction.Incidentally, not correcting your "has" is making me twitchy.

Did someone ever write about their personal life and it was so sad you gave them a higher grade than they deserve? :-) Ok, I'm not really, but no, I haven't.

To answer your third question, we have to average 2-3 minutes per essay with our scoring time, or the system actually flags us and makes us redo some of our training.

But in a short essay like that, that's much more difficult to effectively pull off than it would be in, say, a longer research paper.

I do have to say that, from a scorer's standpoint, the standard five-paragraph format is MUCH easier to score.

Generally in that time, I'd read each essay twice.

" Some students were asking that question at Anna P.

I've always figured that a Thesis Paragraph post-Introduction was always more effective at expressing my main point.

I don't give essays any better or worse a score for conforming to the standard "five paragraph essay" format than ones that don't.

Honestly, if you look at the Essay Scoring Framework, it's pretty comprehensive.

That's a rather broad question, so I'm not entirely sure what else to answer.~Honestly, nothing sticks out.


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